JULY 2013 - JULY 2015

Goodbye Non-fiction Enterprises & Hello Art Rise!

An Experimental Showcase of New Paintings and Drawings from the Studio of Sam Bryer

Exhibition Dates: October 2 - 5, 2015
Reception: October 2, 6-9pm

Opening Friday, October 2 at Non-Fiction Gallery, To Get To The Other Side' debuts Sam Bryer’s latest acrylic portraits and studies of personified poultry. Juxtaposing bold, graphic compositions with the meticulous detail of traditional portrait techniques, this selection of work is a playful offshoot of Bryer's darker, more elaborate large format paintings. Challenged by the puzzles presented by life, death, and wandering fowl, Bryer finds guidance and inspiration for this series in the farcical answers of various renown individuals responding to the age-old question of why the chicken crossed the road. A range of philosophical heavy-weights from Emily Dickinson to Salvador Dali and James T. Kirk make an appearance here, each restyled as a different breed.View Press Release

Art Rise Savannah & The Next Chapter

August 2015 marks the end of the gallery in its current form, and the beginning of its journey with Art Rise Savannah, a local non-profit organization which has brought many wonderful artistic programs to the citizens of Savannah and its art community. Art Rise looks to continue Non-Fiction’s legacy of presenting contemporary art by emerging artists, both local and international, in addition to expanding the organization’s reach and impact by offering new community programing. Heather MacRae-Trulson, a current Art Rise Savannah Board Member, will continue working with the gallery, shifting her role to Creative Director.


If you are looking to rent the gallery, please email Art Rise directly for availability and info.

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06.24.15 | Connect Savannah | Rachael Flora

Navigating a nebulous boyhood at Non-Fiction

EXCERPT: "YOU don't need to be a psychology buff to enjoy "dream boy" by Andrew Lyman, but it sure couldn't hurt. The winning exhibit of Non-Fiction Gallery's Your Art Here contest, dream boy explores themes of sexuality, queerness, coming of age, digital communication, otherness and isolation, and single pieces individually and collectively explore even more themes."

Lyman, an Atlanta native, is a photography major at SCAD and is one quarter away from graduation. He's interned with CR Fashion Book in New York and has been featured in SPOON and Savannah's own Aint-Bad magazine.

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