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Just find your way to Non-Fiction! We are a contemporary art exhibition space located at 1522 Bull St., just south of Savannah's Historic district. Featured in both online and printed publications, the gallery and many of its exhibits have been recognized for a high level of diversity, professionalism and excellence in exhibition programming.

open Saturday, Monday & Tuesday, 1-5pm.



Non-Fiction Gallery is committed to exhibiting innovative, thought-provoking contemporary work spanning a myriad of media. Through carefully considered exhibition programming, the gallery aims to highlight emerging local, national, and international artists, while engaging our community in a wider cultural dialogue.



feb 6 - 24
Navigating the Non-Places
John Haverty

'Large-scale watercolor drawings and collages featuring recurring motifs of political figures, nature and transportation.'
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March 6 - 10
Heather MacRae-Trulson

'Recent works on paper inspired by the architecture and urban landscape of Savannah.'
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March 20 - 31, 2015
Thomas Mitz
Paintings and Studies

'Non-objective interpretations of nature and humanity...Exploring themes of passion, mortality and rebirth.'
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GAllery Services

Non-Fiction is proud to offer a variety of ways to give artists access to professionally run and represented shows. Check our services page for updates and information about gallery sponsored shows and calls for entry, renting the gallery for your own exhibition or booking a private event.

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Art Around town

Savannah Art March:

Non-Fiction regularly takes part in one of the coolest monthly art happenings in Savannah - the First Friday Art March! Coordinated by Art Rise Savannah, this event brings together some of the best that Savannah has to offer in music, food and culture. Attractions include kid's art activities, the Desotorow Indie Arts Market and special evening events and exhibitions at various locations. There's even a free Art March Trolley that stops at all participating locations!

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Recent Press

01.24.15 | Savannah Now

Juried show celebrates Diva Power of Dolly, Beyonce, More

By Allison Hersh

"Savannah artist Juliana Peloso won the Best of Show Award in Non-Fiction Gallery’s new Tiny Divas exhibit for her detailed portrait of country singer Dolly Parton. Peloso’s oil painting, one of a series of four, depicts the iconic performer in her signature platinum blonde wig with a wide smile, demonstrating her trademark blend of authenticity and artificiality. Tiny Divas showcases 40 original works of art in various media that alternately idolize and subvert familiar celebrities, ranging from Madonna to Beyonce..."

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02.11.15 | huffington post blog

Where Have All the Art Kids Gone? (Savannah, Apparently)

EXCERPT: "I heard word from fellow writers and recently renounced Brooklynite friends, that Savannah was "happenin." My buddies John Swisher and Mike Brown live, along with Olivia (Swisher’s older sister) in the Lucas Mansion, which they’ve deemed the Trap Mansion..."

12.28.14 | THE ATLANTIC

The Death of the Artist — and the Birth of the Creative Entrepreneur

"Hard-working artisan, solitary genius, credentialed professional—the image of the artist has changed radically over the centuries. What if the latest model to emerge means the end of art as we have known it?"

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Do you have a strong interest in getting involved in the growing independent Savannah art scene? Do you enjoy making conversation and connections around art and culture? Are you looking for experience working with artists, curators and art administrators in a professional gallery environment? Non-Fiction Gallery might have a great opportunity for you!

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